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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

apply for health card online

How registration in NDHM(National Dualital Health Mission)    

How to register:Registration  goin on Helth card 2021

Enter the website', go to the head 'Generate your Health ID' and then register your name using the Aadhaar card. If you are not interested in giving an Aadhar card for registration, click the link below and register by giving your mobile number.

You will have to give your name, gender, address and mobile number for registration. You can upload your picture too.

Give something like an e-mail user ID of yours as your PHR address. Remember, you can always remember the PHR address compared to the 14-number-digital ID. 

Registration link...

Once registration is completed, you can see the virtual health card. You can then download it. If you provide Aadhaar details, you can complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process too.    

How to link health records

Open 'NDHM Health Records Application' App in Google Playstore and login using PHR address and password.

Hospitals listed in the network can use the 'Link Option Facility' in the App to register their patients. In that case, the patients can scan and keep their health records safe. You can also scan QR code, which is to be given to hospitals soon, and link your health ID with the hospitals.    

As per this facility, the health records of beneficiaries could be exchanged to anyone only with their permission. The beneficiary can decide how long a given set of his health records can be kept by a doctor.   

Registration for doctors, hospitals

Apart from the public, doctors and health institutions like hospitals, labs and pharmacies need special registration as per the new scheme.

The idea behind registering health institutions is that it could enable the linking of health records of the public with the Healthcare Professional Registry (HPR) and Health Facility Registry (HFR).      

Under the National Dualital Health Mission (NDHM) and under the Visitorial India Digital Mission (Abdm) Digital Health Card Honorable Prime Minister has started the country's release from the country. You can make this digital card through the link below


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apply for health card online

H ow registration in NDHM(National Dualital Health Mission)     How to register:Registration  goin on Helth card 2021 Enter the website heal...

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