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Sunday, August 29, 2021

(Ghorir Keramoti) see this webseries.....



Published on 25 July 2020

#Benudawebseris #BANGLARsondhane

Presenting the new funny short film (Benuda series Part-3).....
"GHORIR KERAMOTI" (Benuda series part-5)
Directed By..Rajkumar Panda & Subhankar Bera(Raju)
Presented By..Banglar Sondhane & Banglar Nabadiganta
Story..Raj and Raju
Starring.. Haripada Panda, Tarashankar Panda,Rahul Das,Saheb Das, Subhajit Panda and Naru Giri..
Cinematography...Rajkumar Panda
Edited By..Raj and Raju
Background Music.. Youtube Non-copyright music
Special thanks.. Suman panda and Suvendu Maity
Art Director..Subhankar Bera(Raju)
Banner..Banglar Nabadiganta 

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The content is copyright to Banglar Shondhane and Banglar Nabadiganta. Any unauthorised reproduction, redistribution, Or reupload is strictly prohibited of this material. legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented.. 

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Rajkumar Panda (Banglar Shondhane)
Raju Bera(Banglar Nabadiganta)

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